In Charge


In Charge

The programme provides a platform for creative youths who own their businesses or are making a living for themselves engaging in the creative industries,. The programme aims to expose and encourage youths with some level of skill or technical ability already navigating their way in the following industries: Fashion, Art, Design, Music (production preferably), film, writing, creative blogging, performing art, curating, theatre, photography. 

U.S.P: The programme features popular young adults, social media icons, new age celebrities making waves in their various fields who we feel serve as positive role models to the generation. The programme also serves as inspirational, entertaining content that resonates with teenagers and youths who are often interested or admire the creative fields. The focus is on the guests’ work and creative process, as viewers get to experience their life philosophies and grasp their take on the industry.

Duration: 25 minutes

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Chat Table

Chat Table

Scholars Chat is a TV talk show where selected young scholars sit to chat and discuss issues affecting kids and teenagers either directly or indirectly. Such topics may be scholastic, personal, social, religious, political or any issue of interest.

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Our Future

Our Future

The programme gives one child (per episode) the opportunity to live out a day of their dream career. We give them the opportunity to sit with a career counsellor and to obtain a feel for what is in store for them in the chosen occupation.


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